Improve your mental and physical self

Plug into a community of the ingenious, entrepreneurial and wellness. A community that creates an environment to boost entrepreneurs to become the best version of themselves. 

Say NO to long hours, unhealthy eating habits and feeling unfit. 

The Human Entrepreneur offers boutique wellness services including coaching, massage, nutrition and personal training.

We work together with you to develop a programme that is tailored to your needs. 

We believe that being an entrepreneur is about more than just owning a business.  You are the face of our company.  Make sure YOU perform your best.



Together we identify the goals and needs based on the business, family, relationships, health and wellbeing and hold you accountable to be successful.

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We will help you to put the best nutrition into your body to make sure you perform the best throughout the day.

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Regular massage therapy fuels energy and allows your mind to calm down which will help with focus.

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Endorphins, a chemical to fight stress, is released in your brain when you exercise. “A must have” in your toolbox in your fight as an entrepreneur.

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It is said that doing yoga regularly can help lower blood pressure, reduce insomnia while simultaneously build strength and increase flexibility.


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Romario is an amazing coach who understands how to communicate effectively, allowing me to express my concerns, dreams and challenges honestly without fear of judgement.

The impact of THE is phenomenal. It affected my personal life as well as business life in tremendously positive way. My wife noticed a massive difference almost immediately.

Alex Pemberton

Other Services


We design a fun, engaging and productive health and well-being workshops that  boost your team’s productivity and inspire them to keep on going.


These retreats are designed to help build strong foundations, essential for doing your journey well. Watch this space!